November 13, 2019

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For the First Time, Thailand Wins Miss International!

A 25-year-old pharmacist made history as the first Thai to ever win the Miss International pageant Tuesday.
Sireethorn “Bint” Leearamwat became the first Thai to win a prestigious international pageant in over 30 years at the Miss International 2019 pageant held Tuesday at the Tokyo Dome.
“I didn’t expect to be here,” she said upon winning. “I’m very proud that I can be here. I’m so proud of myself and so proud of my team and so proud of my nation … I hope all women do it like me. If you have a dream, follow it,” she said.
Miss International is a Japan-based pageant held since 1960, and is one of the Big Four prestigious international pageants, the others being Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth. Sireethorn brings home the first Big Four crown since 1988, when Thailand’s Porntip Nakhirunkanok won Miss Universe.
“Do you know I was criticized a lot when I was crowned as Miss Thailand?” Sireethorn said during the speech portion of the pageant, where finalists had 45 seconds to talk. “I dare to dream to be a beauty queen, even there’s nothing really to my career, a pharmacist, I used all critiques as a power to make myself improve to be the best representative and make my nation proud.”
Bint graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Mahidol University and currently works as a product specialist for immunotherapy medication. Her win as Miss Thailand (Nang Sao Thai) earlier this year, which determined who would be Thailand’s representative to the Miss International pageant, was her first time on the pageant circuit.
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November 12, 2019

The Meiji Scroll Tiara

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One of the oldest (perhaps the oldest) tiaras currently in use in the Japanese imperial collection is this one: a diamond tiara with base of scrolls that support a series of large single diamonds.

 It's said to be a Chaumet tiara dating from about 1885 or so, and indeed it can be seen gracing the head of each empress in the modern era from Empress Shōken on. Shōken (1849-1914) was the wife of the Meiji emperor, who reigned from 1867 to 1912. During the Meiji era, Japan became more open to Western influence - including the introduction of tiaras like this one, which were not a part of traditional Japanese dress.

 The tiara has been passed to each empress since the Meiji era. It was worn by Empress Teimei (1884-1951), the wife of the Taishō emperor, and then by Empress Kōjun (1903-2000), wife of the Shōwa emperor (also known as Emperor Hirohito, the previous emperor). It is today worn by Empress Michiko, wife of the current emperor, Akihito.

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Princess Anne's Festoon Tiara

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The Festoon tiara was a gift to Anne from the World Wide Shipping Group when she christened one of their ships in 1973. (A fact which makes me truly sad that such gifts would be frowned upon in today's public relations-obsessed world.)

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90th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Grace of Monaco!

Today marks the 90th Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Grace of Monaco, the glamorous American Actress who became the Princess Consort of the small Mediterranean Principality, so we have been featuring her Top 9 jewels over the past few days, rounding them all up today-


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Christies’ Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva Today!

It’s that time of year again! The major European Auction Houses are having their annual autumn Royal and Noble Jewellery Sales. Here are some highlights from the Christies’ Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva today.11

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November 11, 2019

Princess Azrinaz of Brunei's Diamond Tiara

 diamond tiara princess azrinaz brunei

This diamond tiara, featuring hanging pear-shaped diamonds, was worn by the now ex-Queen Azrinaz, the tv presenter third wife, who was 33 years younger than the Sultan. After her divorce in 2010, she was stripped of her titles and honours, and presumably this tiara is back with the Sultan.

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