About Us

Queen of Crowns Blog is an off-shoot of the Holly Hardwick Crowns Store. Named aptly from the title Holly was given by People Magazine in 1998, the 'Queen of Crowns'. Holly Hardwick Crowns has been in business for over 25 years and is well know as the ultimate authority on crowns and tiaras. Founded in 2007, the blog began as a way to communicate news and provide national and international pageant updates to her customers and pageant community. It has now become one of the leading online beauty pageant magazines.

Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Queen of Crowns has been, for the past 4 years, the premiere source of information and inspiration for the field of beauty pageants on the internet. Providing                         comprehensive coverage of the national and international pageants, as well as, updates with the latest news, slideshows, videos, articles and much more.

The recent connection with Queen for a Day, a charitable organization that provides girls who are seriously ill and hospitilized a chance to feel like a princess if just for a little while, fits right it with  the theme. A gives us a chance to give back. Thanks for all your support. Clip this story