October 1, 2007

New Reality Show-Pageant Place on MTV


Miss USA 2006
Tara Conner
Miss USA 2007
Rachel Smith

Miss Universe 2007
Riyo Mori
Miss Teen USA
Katie Blair

Storyline: We start with Tara, who last year brought much controversey to the pageant over her partying episodes and nearly last her crown, acting as "den mother" to the three. We will follow the girls as they live together in New York, make appeareances, model and travel for their various causes during their year long reign. This should be interesting...

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Begins Oct 10th on MTV-Watch your local listings!

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  1. when is the exact date of that?is it available in the philippines?

  2. It premieres Wednesday, October 10 at 10:30PM ET/PT on MTV network. Check your local guide to see if you recieve that network.