October 9, 2007

PBS Special-Miss America-American Experience

This documentary describes what has now become one of the most glamorous and popular yearly events on television. In 1921 though, it began as a small seaside towns attempt to attract more tourists by having a bathing suit contest. Even so, this seemly innocent display of beauty and brains does have some other lessons to be learned in it. It paints a strong picture of how women's ambitions, values and roles in society changed throughout the times. In great detail, including audio interviews, slide show comparison of the Changing Ideals from the 20's to 90's, video archives (rare footage of talent and interview from the 50's and 60's), a complete list of winners and all their stats, a timeline comparing pageant history with world history and even a teacher's guide for use in classrooms. A must see for the pageant enthusiast! Check your local listing for times and details.

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