July 17, 2008


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Current Venezuela Titleholders,
including Our new Miss Universe 2008

These Venezuela beauties have allot to be smiling about, with 4 previous Miss Universe wins and 5 Miss World winners-they are not to be reckoned with! Beauty, Brains, Survivors...Woman Champions. "Tough as nails", as my Mom would say!

The Top Three
Venezuela Miss Universe winning years 1979, 1981, 1986, 1996, 2008
Puerto Rico Miss Universe winning years 1970, 1985, 1993, 2001, 2006
USA Miss Universe winning years 1954, 1956, 1960, 1967, 1980, 1995, 1997

Miss Venezuela/Miss Universe
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Maritza Sayalero-1979
When Maritza won the title, the runner up Maria Fernanda Ramirez refused to acknowledge the results and her family physically attacked the jury. Journalists and photographers stormed the stage to get photos and contestants were injured. Maritza even managed to save a contestant from falling into a hole in the set.
Irene Sáez-1981 In the early 90's Miss Sáez served two terms as mayor of Chacao. She was the first mayor elected by popular vote. She later become governor of the state of Nueva Esparta.
Barbara Palacios-1986 Miss Palacios has her own line of Jewelry and Accessories

Alicia Machado-1996
Miss Machado made headlines when it was reported that the new owner of the pageant, Donald Trump was considering replacing her if she didn't lose weight. She had reportedly gained 20 lbs doing her reign. In the end she shed the weight and kept her title. After Miss Universe, she began pursuing an acting career. She appeared in several popular Venezuelan soap operas and reality television shows. Later she poses in (and on the cover of) the February 2006 issue of Playboy magazine's Mexican edition, thus becoming the first and only Miss Universe to pose nude for Playboy. She dedicated her photographs to Donald Trump. Oops?
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Alicia Machado website

DAYANA MENDOZA-Miss Venezuela Photo

Miss Venezuela Pageant

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