July 12, 2009

Holly Hardwick to appear on CBS!

In a new series about 'Royal' Fashion, the 'Queen of Crowns' will act as consultant for the morning show, Great Day St. Louis! Holly has often been featured in media like Fox News, People Magazine and Wall Street Journal, as a pioneer in the unique field of crown designing. Her biggest following came first from pageants, but most recently from custom designing crowns for women's fraternal orders. Royal requests though come in from a variety of sources. There are the tiaras made for celebrity or production events; elaborate crowns for shrine statues; Mardi Gras Crowns; Bridal Tiaras; School Events, Festivals and Quinceanera Tiaras.

Royal Indulgences by Holly Hardwick quote, "The Most Lavish Collection of Crowns, Tiaras, Crown Jewelry and Crown Accessories on the Internet!" Holly is well known for her Crown Rings. Each one was custom designed and named in honor of a former Pageant Queen. Even the sports collection jewelry, has the sparkle and bling of royalty. In honor of the All Star Game this week, the focus of this first show will be on Holly's Cardinal Jewelry Collection. Created first for her sister Carole, an avid Cardinal fan, who always wore it to the games. She later had to start bringing extra pieces with her, as fans would try to buy it right off her!

Watch Great Day St. Louis on Channel 4, July 13th, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.

You can also watch the rebroadcast, here!

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Here's some trivia regarding the 1933 1st All-Star Game and your chance to win one of our Cardinals Pins! Winner to be selected July 20th, 2009!

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