October 23, 2009

Miss Plastic Celebrates Beauty of Plastic Surgery

In most beauty pageants, plastic surgery is looked down on or at the very least kept quiet. So Make Me Heal was interested to learn of the Miss Plastic Hungary pageant in Europe, which celebrates women with plastic surgery.

To qualify for Miss Plastic Hungary, each contestant had to be over the age of 18 and prove that they’ve had at least one plastic surgery operation, but injections like Botox and collagen were not counted. Almost every contestant had breast implants, and nose jobs were the second most popular surgery among contestants. Women over 30 had their own special category.

22-year-old Rika Urban was the winner of the pageant, getting an apartment. The first runner up was Edina Kulcsar who won a new car, and third place went to Alexandra Horvath, who won diamond jewelry said to be worth $10,800.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden says, “This contest is very similar to the U.S. reality TV show “The Swan”. The winner was a very beautiful girl who obviously benefited from plastic surgery.”

In addition the doctor who performed the surgeries also received some sort of award as well.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Tamas Rozsos said that plastic surgery has a “bad reputation” in Hungary, and the pageant is intended to show women there’s no shame in “restoring harmony” to their looks. The contest was arranged to help cosmetic surgeons promote their industry.

It seems that Miss Plastic was a huge success, as it is being talked about the world over, favorably or not. Make Me Heal thinks its great to see plastic surgery being openly discussed without shame and beauty contestants competing on an even keel, without any of the “did she or didn’t she” that often accompanies the lavish pageant events.

Source-Make Me Heal

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