May 17, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS! MISS USA 2010 is Miss Michigan!

A 24 year old, Rima Fakih from Motor City and 1st Arab-American to win Miss USA. She is lovely, but it was surprizing after the small slip she was chosen. After so many problems with a previous Miss USA and falling, I would see it as a red flag. It does show how far we have come from 9/11 and the stereotypical views associated with someone with a Middle Eastern background. Coincidentally, Rima lived with her family in Queens, NY from 1990 until 2003, she was a student in high school at the time of the attacks. Reportedly she did suffer some backlash from fellow students, the family moved to Dearborn, Michigan after she graduated high school. Pageants were a way to boost confidence, pay for college and show that Middle Easterners were not all bad people. Rima has already completed her Economics Degree and plans to attend Law School. Looks like pageantry does pay off! Good luck to our first Miss Arabian-USA Queen! Who needs Aladdin?

Miss USA Website

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