May 2, 2010

Sarah Palin's Miss Alaska pageant rival, Marylline Blackburn, entering politics - as a Democrat

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin just can't escape her old arch-nemesis.
Twenty-six years after beating Palin for the crown of Miss Alaska, Maryline Blackburn is setting her sights on a political title.
Blackburn, a Democrat, will announce Thursday that she is challenging the Republican incumbent Rich Golick for his seat on the Georgia House of Representatives, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
Since becoming the first African-American to win Miss Alaska, Blackburn moved to Georgia shortly afterward and went on to a career as a singer and actress. Palin, then the reigning Miss Wassail and now a Fox News contributor, finished as second runner-up in the 1984 pageant - but also took home the title of Miss Congeniality.
Palin parlayed that into a pretty successful career change of her own in politics, culminating in her unsuccessful run as the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008.
The former beauty pageant rivals found themselves on opposite sides in that campaign, too: Blackburn publicly supported Obama and sang at a pair of inauguration balls in January 2009.
"It was all about Obama, baby," Blackburn told the Daily News at the time. "Once again I'm part of history."

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