June 20, 2010

Aspirations of a Zombie Pageant Queen

Lately, I've been doing posts on odd or eccentric pageant contests. Believe it or not there are quite a few! I wasn't going to post about this next one, but then I found a second one all the way around the globe. So, I figured there most be an interest.The first time I heard about this type of pageant was in January of 2009, held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Mesa Convention Center as part of the Comicon (the world's biggest comic book convention). I had to look it up, too. The Zombie Beauty Pageant even had celebrity judges from of course, the world of horror. One of them is the quite famous horror rock and roller, Jimmy Calabrese! And whats a beauty pageant without prizes. Theirs a collection of Lady Death Comics and Hell Boy collectibles to name just a few. And the lovely winner...

This second entry, Miss Zombie Queen takes place in the U.K. at the Cobden Club in association with Revolver Entertainment to celebrate the DVD release of Zombie Women of Satan on June 21st 2010. The prizes for this contest included cash and a chance to appear in the movie, "Zombie Women of Satin". The producer of the event said they were inundated with applicants and found it hard to narrow it down to ten. Due to the success, plans are already in the works for a second Miss Zombie Queen. The winner was chosen based on their 'zombiness' abilities. Her she is Collette Von Tora...

Zombie Women of Satin will be released tomorrow, June 21st toView and Download from ITunes.
There is literally a pageant for everyone! This was a really fun article to write and research! It makes me realize that for someone else beauty pageants are a crazy 'niche'. I'm on a roll, more niche pageants to come...
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