June 9, 2010

Miss America Organization announced its Exclusive Apparel Line Today!

 The Miss America Organization has entered into an agreement with a major force in the heat applied graphics business, a company in Ohio, Air Waves, Inc who specialize in graphic t-shirts. As Miss America states in their press release they are preparing for their 90th anniversary and are extremely excited about this new venture.At present it appears their target market will be children and teens, but we can hope they'll expand. Most importantly a portion of the proceeds will go towards the Scholarship Fund, of which they award more than 45 million annually to the contestants that participate in their pageant. I'm sure mom and girls everywhere will be clamoring to see these new wares. They have allot to live up to, but with this small glimpse it looks like they have. Miss America 2009, Katie Stam is set to be the spokesperson with a plan to launch the line in Spring 2011.
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