June 13, 2010

Miss Plastic Hungry

Feng Qian
China was the first to do a Miss Artificial Beauty contest in 2004, some believe it was the result of a contestant getting disqualified at a regular beauty pageant for having had cosmetic surgery. Feng Qian, a 22 yr old who reportedly felt proud of her various procedures, won $6000.The BBC reports cosmetic surgery in China to be growing at the rate of $2.4 billion annually.
In walks the glamorous gals of Miss Plastic, whom HBO recently did a documentary about, The interest in this pageant has grown at such a rate a special multimedia stage was built. Wherever the girls went they were followed with cameras like movie stars. And the prizes were lavish. The winner Réka Urbán won her own apartment in Budapest. And it looks like this won't be a passing fad based on what the pageants reports in already applications for the next pageant. Just think if nothing else the pageant winnings might just pay for your surgery!
                                                 Réka Urbán                            

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