July 5, 2010

Mrs. America 2009 to welcome a baby boy in July!

Wow, what a year for Andrea soon to close out with the birth of a son! Congratulations! It all started in our Metro city of St. Louis, when she became Mrs. Missouri. Andrea was born and raised in the St. Charles area. She went to University of Missouri and graduated with a degree in Biology. She was team captain of their soccer league for two years. She has a passion for sports and fitness, which she credits to growing up with three older brothers. She married her high school sweetheart, a former professional basketball player. They have two children, one two year old boy and one four year old girl. She and her husband have always been active  in spreading the message of good health and fitness. The Mrs. America pageant was a natural platform for her. Soon after that pageant Andrea went on to compete in the Mrs. World pageant. She  was first runner up out of 76 women. She was there for three weeks competing. Some of the time her family was there in Vietnam to enjoy the experience with her, but she came back tired and queasy. She later learned this was to be a very good year! She is a Triathlon runner and has competed in more then 50 Triathlons, but shes slowing it down now. Her reign as Mrs. World is coming to an end just in time for her to get a new title, 'Mommy'.

The upcoming pageant Mrs. America 2010 will be August 31-September 7th 2010

                                                                      Tucson, Arizona

Mrs. World will be October 3rd-24 2010
in Korea
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  1. The beautiful women of Mrs. America never fail to stand up as inspirations to those who, despite the age and marriage, can shine their beauty all throughout. And with many modern ways to safely refresh their physical beauty - liposculpture, cosmetic surgery, etc. - these lovable women continue to exude confidence everywhere they go, from Los Angeles to Vietnam! Andrea Robertson, together with her fellow contestants, is a role model in her own right.