July 8, 2010

Where are they now? Miss America 1966-Deborah Irene Bryant!

In 1966 Miss America shifted to NBC and was first telecast in color. Kansas acquired its first Miss America when Deborah Irene Bryant won in 1966. Deborah was on full academic scholarship at Christian College and only nineteen years old when she won. Her platform is charity that continues to exist today, Project Concern. It helps undeveloped countries with  medical support. After her 1 year tour as Miss America, she went on to complete her degree at University of Kansas with a major in English. Deborah is currently a resident of Phoenix, Arizona and continues to support her community through charity work. She is married with five children and four grandchildren. She and her daughter have been operating a gift store, Domestic Bliss and Blog for 11 years in Downtown Mesa.

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