August 19, 2010

Miss America Exclusive Apparel Line Now Available

Miss America Brands has unveiled its new line of girls clothing, Little Miss America, at the WWDMAGIC show in Las Vegas. The clothing line will be traditional and moderately priced as part of the Miss America Organization's recently announced licensing agreement with Central Ohio-based Air Waves, Inc. The first available apparel will be graphic tees, shirts and bottoms for the baby/toddler and teen/tween markets.

"Little Miss America clothing encourages girls to dream big, to celebrate their unique talents and be proud of who they are," explained Miss America Caressa Cameron, spokesperson for Miss America Brands.

The clothing line is designed to appeal to girls seeking fashionable clothes that make a positive statement. It will be fashion-forward, casual and age-appropriate. Part of the proceeds will go toward the Miss America Organization Scholarship Fund, which makes available more than $45 million in scholarships annually to young women to further their education.

"The Miss America brand is iconic. Our clothing will live up to the strong values displayed by crown recipients throughout the years, especially empowerment, inner-beauty, integrity, goodwill and pride," explained Kyle Kantner, president of Miss America Brands.

To purchase items from the Miss America Brands clothing line, visit!

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