August 18, 2010

Miss Universe 2010 Charity Auction Video

On Saturday, August 14, 2010  Miss Universe held their National Gift Auction benefiting Nevada Cancer Institute. This unique and exclusive reception took place in the Palm Foyer at Mandalay Bay. More than 80 Miss Universe contestants were present to support this interesting and exciting event. Each Miss Universe candidate auctioned off prized items representing their respective countries. Here's a list of the items each contestant brought like the two from Miss Phillipines, an Autographed Boxing Glove-The boxer who hails from General Santos City Philippines is also dubbed “The Destroyer” by his peers in the boxing world, because of the way he dominates and sweeps over his challengers and opponents. He has a devastating left punch that has the ability to end a match in an instant. The second item a Pearl Necklace known all over the world as “ The Pearl of the Orient “ , the Philippines is also one of the world’s major sources of cultured pearls. Its pristine waters and remote islands in Palawan that makes this tropical paradise ideal for pearl farming. The necklace is a celebration of nature with amazing color and luster and shape. This stunning pearl necklace is perfect for any occasion. A double strand 12.7 mm jewelry with twin clasps in 14K white gold let you use it in four different ways; long. Short, medium length and double strand necklace.

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