October 11, 2010

Miss World Greetings

The national representatives arrived on 1 October to see a holidaying Beijing bedecked in bunting and red lanterns to celebrate the 61st anniversary of China’s founding. This all added to the party atmosphere as the young women got to know their new friends and start to settling in at the start of their month-long tour of China.

The Miss World contestants made their first major venture into the capital of China, Beijing, for a special welcome ceremony and cultural exchange event at Badachu Park. With the Chinese National Holiday still in full swing, hundreds of locals turned out to welcome their special guests who took the chance to explore the park, home to eight ancient Buddhist temples and beautiful scenery, on a bright sunny morning.

Having been treated to a traditional lion dance and welcomed by representatives from Beijing and Sanya, as well as Miss World Kaiane Aldorino, the contestants gathered around a blessing tree, upon which they tied good luck wish ribbons to its branches.

It was then time to participate in a range of cultural activities around the grounds of Lingguang Temple, including lessons in tai chi and dumpling making. They also tried their hand at various Chinese crafts, such as kirigami (paper cuttings), painting Peking Opera masks, and traditional Chinese knotting - taking home their finished products as unique self-made souvenirs of their trip.

Overall, it was a perfect introduction to the fascinating culture of China and just a small taste of what's in store for the Miss World 2010 contestants.

Miss World 2010 contestants made the most of their final day in Beijing by visiting two great icons of ancient and modern China, the Great Wall and the Olympic Stadium.

After meeting fans and taking more pictures the girls headed back to the hotel where they packed for the next leg of their grand tour of China: to Ordos, Inner Mongolia, home to Genghis Khan’s mausoleum.

Horseman and tribal warriors greeted Miss World contestants on their first day in the thriving city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia. After a drive into the outskirts of the district, the young women were honored by a breath taking performance of history come to life at the Da Qin Zhidao Cultural Tourism Spot.

In the evening,a sumptuous dinner was held at the world’s largest Mongolian tent, accompanied by traditional Mongolian dance, string instruments and throat singing. After dinner the contestants took to the stage to show their thanks by singing the Beijing 2007 Olympic torch relay anthem. They then went outside to enjoy a surprise fireworks display and dancing around a ceremonial bonfire.

National hero and One of history’s great warrior and empire builders, Genghis Khan inspired the second day of the Miss World contestants’ visit to Ordos, Inner Mongolia. The contestants drove to Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum and were guided around reconstructed tents and living quarters of Genghis Khan’s tribes, learning about Mongolian history and living habits. They were overawed by an incredibly colourful performance of the life of Genghis Khan in song and dance.

Next stop on the Miss World 2010 tour of China will be Shanghai, when the contestants will visit EXPO and host a gala dinner, before heading south to Sanya on the island of Hainan.

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