March 8, 2011

Tom Hanks spoof on 'Toddlers and Tiaras'

Hanks appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Sunday to promote his new film 'Larry Crowne', but it was his appearance in a skit sending up pushy parents and the bizarre world of children’s beauty pageants that really entertained the audience.

Hanks introduced the clip by discussing his daughter ‘Sophie’ and explaining she was keen to follow her father’s footsteps and enter the world of showbiz.

Speaking to Kimmel, the actor said: ‘If she wants to go into the business... she can. When your kids have dreams I back them up.’ He then proceeded to describe the clip the audience were about to see as something for ‘one of those cable shows you see’.

The audience soon realised the video was a spoof though as ‘Sophie Hanks’ (played by actress Nikki Hahn) is seen prancing round the living room of their home before Hanks announces to camera that he’s super excited that his daughter has been entered into the ‘Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada’ pageant.

The two-time Oscar winner constantly mocks himself and pageant shows throughout the six minutes clip. In one scene, while admiring his daughter’s trophies, Hanks declared:  ‘In fact, we named her Sophie because it rhymes with ... trophy!’

In another he is seen talking to the camera again and states: ‘I know what it’s like to be a kid because...I played one in Big' (a reference to his hugely popular 1988 film).

He is shown being a pushy parent throughout the clip, making his daughter’s dresses, putting on her wig and make-up and spraying her with water every time she tries to eat a biscuit or looks uninterested in the contest.

Almost six minutes into the clip, with the winner of the Ultimate Sexy Baby contest about to be revealed, Kimmel himself is seen in the front row playing another pushy parent before the winner is announced as Rhonda Howard, who turns out to be the ‘daughter’ of film director Ron Howard.

Howard, who has directed Hanks in a number of films including Apollo 13 and The Da Vinci Code, then rushes onto the stage to celebrate as Hanks is forced to deal with the defeat, something he fails to do particularly well...


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