June 15, 2011

Online Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds On Miss USA Pageant 2011

In just a little over a week, reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih will be giving up her crown and passing on the title to one of the dozens of lovely ladies competing for the title of 2011 Miss USA. Beauty pageants are not just a hobby, but more of a lifestyle. Ask any mother of a beauty queen how much time and dedication goes into the pageants and they too will agree that it is very demanding for both the contestants and their support group. Training for beauty pageants such as Miss USA takes many years of preparation and for some, the dream of becoming Miss USA never comes true. For others such as Rima Fakih, it was a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

This Miss USA pageant has been held annually since 1952. The first to hold the title was Miss New York USA Jackie Loughery, who passed along the crown and title from one beauty queen to another. Familiar names such as owner of the Miss USA pageant Donald Trump can be associated with the events that take place leading up to the night when the new Miss USA is crowned. Swimsuit, gown, and interview are just a few of the categories the women will be judged in, a week prior to the live event taking place on June 19th. Some if not most of the women competing in the 2011 Miss USA pageant have been training for quite some time now and all their accomplishments up to this point will play a large role in deciding which beauty queen is deserving to be named Miss USA.

Depending which state you may reside in, chances are you have already made your selection as to which contestant should be named the winner and now online sports-books are giving online bettors a chance to get in on the action. Entertainment betting odds are being offered as to which state representative will be crowned the new Miss USA 2011. In just a few short days the time will come for Rima Fakin to walk the stage for the last time as the reigning Miss USA, where she will then pass along the legacy to another deserving lady.

Who will win Miss USA 2011?

California +500 (Pictured Above)
Indiana +900
South Carolina +900
Alabama +1500
Hawaii +1500
Idaho +1500
Massachusetts +1500
Missouri +1500
Tennessee +1500
New Jersey +2000
Arizona +2500
Colorado +2500
Illinois +2500
Maryland +2500
Michigan +2500
Nevada +2500
Oklahoma +2500
Texas +2500
Washington +2500
Mississippi +2800
Georgia +3300
Iowa +3300
Louisiana +3300
Connecticut +4000
Florida +4000
Kentucky +4000
Nebraska +4000
New York +4000
Rhode Island +4000
South Dakota +4000
Vermont +4000
Virginia +4000
Alaska +5000
Arkansas +5000
Delaware +5000
Minnesota +5000
Utah +5000
Wisconsin +5000
Wyoming +5000
District of Columbia +6600
Kansas +6600
Maine +6600
New Mexico +6600
North Carolina +6600
Ohio +6600
Oregon +6600
West Virginia +6600
New Hampshire +8000
Pennsylvania +8000
Montana +10000
North Dakota +10000


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