October 27, 2011

Placing bets on Miss World

The Bookmakers’ Bets for the Miss World pageant are a tradition since the very beginning of the pageant, in 1951. Just like in sports, award shows and other competitions, people place a bet on their favorites hoping to win the big $$$.
See who are the hottest bets in some of the most popular betting agencies in the world and compare them to your own choices!
5/1 Miss Bolivia
6/1 Miss Indonesia
8/1 Miss Belgium
8/1 Miss Puerto Rico
8/1 Miss United States
10/1 Miss Guatemala
10/1 Miss Venezuela
12/1 Miss Canada
12/1 Miss Egypt
14/1 Miss Ethiopia
14/1 Miss Russia
14/1 Miss France
14/1 Miss Peru
14/1 Miss Romania
16/1 Miss Vietnam
16/1 Miss Bulgaria
16/1 Miss Denmark
16/1 Miss Ireland
16/1 Miss Hungary
16/1 Miss Brazil
20/1 Miss Cote d’Ivoire
20/1 Miss Netherlands
20/1 Miss South Sudan
20/1 Miss Suriname
20/1 Miss Zambia
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