November 10, 2011

Guadalajara, Mexico, expected to host Miss Universe 2012!

The “cuna of the mariachis”, the “perla tapatĂ­a”; the Mexican city of Guadalajara is expected to host the Miss Universe 2012 beauty pageant, after organizing, successfully, the Panamerican Games.  Local authorities have made public their desire of hosting this competition, and to put Guadalajara on the international map as a venue for major international events.
On their favor, they have last year’s winner Ximena Navarrete, who comes from this city.  The Mexican Tourism Board and the Government of the State of Jalisco would be the ones negotiating the venue.  The pageant would take place next summer at the spectacular Telmex Auditorium, which offers the latest in technology; Cancun was also mentioned as a place that would get promotion during the 3-week long event.
Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico with about 2 million habitants, is world-famous, with top notch tourism attractions and an impressive cultural legacy.
This would be the 5th time Mexico hosts the pageant; The first time was in 1978 (Acapulco), then 1989 (CancĂșn) and 1993 and 2007 (both in Mexico City).

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  1. Guadalajara is a great choice but i'm worried that the mexican crowd starts booing like they did in the 1993 Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City,because their candidate's national costume didn't had the "Stand out in the crowd" factor and she didn't place or in the 2007 Miss Universe pageant again in Mexico City, their delegate that she only made the Top 10 and the fact that the Miss Usa delegate fell off during the evening gown competition and again they start booing during the interview competition and she only was named 4th runner up

    By the way Mexico is cool,XOXO

  2. This is a excellent choice! Nothing like the most beautiful city in mexico to host this fabulous event! The woman in Guadalajara are by far the most beautiful in the whole country.