November 3, 2011

Miss Earth's change of venue!

Due to the critical situation that Thailand is facing in its capital Bangkok, the Miss Earth 2011 pageant -scheduled to take place Nov. 20 – Dec. 3- in this city, has been moved to Manila, Philippines, its original home base.
In a letter sent to all contestants and directors, Lorraine Schuck, Executive Vice President of Carousel Productions, addressed the current situation in Thailand and confirmed the event being held in the Philippines.
“We have tried to remain optimistic about the situation in Thailand but day after day, the flood continues to engulf more portions of the country including its capital, Bangkok, where Miss Earth 2011 is scheduled to be held. Factories are shutting down and millions have been displaced from their work and homes. We understand and sympathize with the unfortunate and difficult situation Bangkok is undergoing especially after the Thai government recently declared indefinite holidays for everyone’s safety. Thai officials estimate it might take 4-6 weeks for the floods to recede and recovery could take months, if not years.
To continue to hold Miss Earth in Bangkok would be very insensitive and irresponsible on our part. Accordingly, we have decided to change the venue of Miss Earth 2011 from Bangkok, Thailand to where it all started: the Philippines. We are at this very moment planning and lining up meaningful activities for you that will be true to our mission as beauties for a cause. In our workshops, we shall discuss these natural calamities and what we can do to control their effects on our respective countries.”  said the letter.
The announcement of Thailand as host of Miss Earth took place last June during the coronation of Miss Philippines-Earth. Originally scheduled to take place in Pattaya, the contest moved to Bangkok where it would be held at the Impact Arena.
The Miss Earth 2011 pageant will now take place in Manila, on Sunday, December 4th.
On a side note, it was also confirmed by Vietnamese authorities that Miss Earth 2012 will be held in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam, in December 2012.
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