December 7, 2011

The 24th World Miss University has begun!

World Miss University is an event to select a World Miss University Peace Corps representative. The event was created in correspondence with the UN`s resolution in 1986: celebrating the International Year of Peace. Today, twenty-three World Miss University has held and contributed to promote the world peace under the objectives of "the Peace Movement for the World*s Unification," "One World, Humanity as Brothers and Sisters," "Environment Movement of Humanity to survive on Earth. 
This years contest is being held in Korea and online voting has began.  Here's a schedule of their itinerary:
Nov.30 (Wed): Press Conference / Visit to National Cemetery / Seoul City Tour
Dec.01(Thur): Orientation / Welcoming Night
Dec.03 (Sat): Environmental Forum
Dec.04 (Sun): Environmental Campaign STOP GLOBAL WARMING (Gangleung City)
Dec.05 (Mon): Charity Kimchi making for Abandoned Mine Area /
Briquette Delivery (High1 Resort)
Dec.06 (Tue): World Culture meets Korean Hanbok
Dec.08 (Thur): Charity Fashion Show for Child head of household and
Elderly person with no one to rely on (Wonjoo City)
Dec.10 (Sat): Peace Forum (Hwacheon-gun)
Dec.11 (Sun): Flamboyant Sleigh Contest / Mini Concert (High1 Sky Resort)
Dec.13 (Tue): Primary Judging
Dec.15 (Thur): The 24th World Miss University 2011

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