December 21, 2011

Brazil wins its second Mister International title

Cesar Curti, a model, actor, singer and composer from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, is the new Mister International. He was elected in Bangkok, Thailand, edging out other 32 hunks from around the globe.
The 1st runner-up was Mister Czech Republic, Martin Gardavský. Brazil and Czech Republic were indeed the major favorites for the title since their arrival in Thailand.
Mister Indonesia, Steven Yoswara, was the 2nd runner-up, followed by Mister Vietnam, Le Khoi Nguyen, 3rd runner-up, and Mister Sweden, Marco Djelević, the 4th runner-up.
Top 10 semi-finalists: Mexico (6th place), Venezuela (7th), Slovenia (8th), South Korea (9th), and Slovakia (10th).
Top 16 quarter-finalists: Nigeria (11th), Denmark (12th), Norway (13th), Sri Lanka (14th), Colombia (15th), Philippines (16th). Mr. Philippines advanced for winning the internet Mr. Popularity award.
Mister Portugal was voted Mister Amity, and Mister Thailand got the Best National Costume Award.
Curti, who’s part Japanese (one of his grand parents is from Japan), is the current Mister Distrito Federal, and placed 3rd in Mister Brazil 2011. He has lived in Thailand and Malaysia in the past, where he starred a series of television commercials and movies.
Brazil is now the only country to have won the Mister International title twice. The first was Alan Bianco, in 2007.

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