December 25, 2011

Miss Tourism International Special Awards

Rehearsals began for the Miss Tourism International today. I know its crazy on the heels on the Miss Tourism Queen International!

Saturday afternoon was a very special event for those at the Sunway Pyramid Mall.  The delegates paraded in casual wear and evening gowns, and they impressed the attendants with a selection of Christmas carols. At the conclusion of the event, the judges chose Miss Sunway Charm to be
Singapore, Amanda Leong as the winner.

 Miss Tourism Philippines, Diana Sunshine Rademann, was elected Miss Spec Personality at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
 Miss Tourism Panama Carolina Brid was chosen as the winner of the Miss Poh Kong Glamour competition held at One Utama Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur.  Poh Kong, one of the sponsor jewelers, organized a magnificent event where the contestants showcased the latest in their line of jewelry. 

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