December 18, 2011

The U.S. wins Mrs. World 2011

Mrs. World 2011, the most beautiful married woman on the planet, was crowned earlier this week in Orlando, Florida, USA, and the winner was April Lufriu, Mrs America (United States).
Silvia Cornejo of Peru, a former Miss Tourism Queen International (2008) titleholder, was the 1st runner-up, while Mrs. Vietnam finished in 3rd place.
Rounding out the ‘top 6′ were the candidates from Poland (4th), Russia (5th), and Jordan (6th place).
The semi-finalists came from Korea (7th place and voted Mrs Congeniality), Brazil (8th), France (9th), Panama (10th), Hungary (11th), North America (12nd), Germany (13th), Greece (14th), and Akhazia (15th).
Mrs Spain was chosen Miss Photogenic by press photographers covering the event.

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