January 3, 2012

Miss Globe International was chosen as Miss Norway

The first pageant of the year has chosen a winner in the beautiful Nina Elise, Miss Norway. She was crowned Miss Globe International 2011 in an event held in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

The other finalists were Misses India (2nd place), Dominican Republic (3rd), Belarus (4th), and Kazakhstan (5th).

Miss Globe International® began in 1925 and is a conventional Beauty Pageant Organization in which the participants are from different nations and cultures, between 17 and 25. The Pageant is organized regularly every year. Girls who would like to become contestants are to submit an application to their National Miss Globe Organization. If there isn’t any national Miss globe Organization in their countries the applications can be submitted thorough filling out the forms on our global website. In case of being under 17, the candidates are asked to bring a signed permission documents signed by their legal parents. National Miss Globe Final applications start from the beginning of January and continue till the start of the pageant. The International Final applications continue till August. The International Final is open to the public and broadcasted by the national TV channels. International Final is hold between September and December. The camping period goes on for 15 days and the final is presented in the presence of international jury panel and spectators. The gala show takes approximately for 2.5 hours and broadcasted on TV Channels in more than 60 countries.

They have a beautiful web page. Check it out!

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