January 7, 2012

Miss World meets President Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez invited Ivian Sarcos, winner of Miss World 2011, marking it the first time that the socialist president meets with a beauty queen.
Sarcos, 22, was received into the Miraflores Palace with a large bouquet of flowers presented by Chavez himself, who could not hide his excitement at being in front of the beautiful brunette 1.80 meters tall.
They toured the facilities of the historic building while talking about the social work Sarcos has made over her life. State television footage showed how some government officials tried to come to greet the Miss World 2011, who stole Chavez role for the evening.
"I am very grateful for the visit of our Miss World from Venezuela Ivian Sarcos. Queen of Queens, beautiful among beautiful. We feel represented by her in the country and the world," Chavez expressed visibly moved after a brief meeting with Sarcos.
"I noticed a young woman who has a deep social and human sensitivity. A young compassionate girl concerned about struggle and help to the needy. We wish her every success in this year that it will be unforgettable," he said.

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