March 29, 2012

Former Miss World contestant to bear Olympic torch

Four Kenyans have been chosen from 250,000 nominations to carry the Olympic torch across London, in the run up to the Olympic Games being staged in July.

Cecilia said, "We were chosen because of the community work we do. It’s a moment for Kenyan people to shine and for the world to know our story."

Cecilia is more recently known for the work she has carried out in support of the 'anti jigger campaign'. Jiggers are tiny sand fleas that embed themselves under the skin, causing infection among humans. They are usually found in the sandy terrain of warm, dry climates. The campaign was set up to raise awareness and help those suffering from infestation, and is a cause that has been strongly supported by Beauty with a Purpose since the campaign began.

Cecilia represented Kenya at the 2005 Miss World held in Sanya, and now joins the elite list of torchbearers chosen from around the world to carry the golden flame.

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