August 12, 2013

2013 MISS UNIVERSE Competition • November 9 • Crocus City Hall, Moscow

Crocus City Hall

Crocus City Hall is a project from the Crocus Group, a flexible and multi-faceted venue capable of hosting a wide variety of events from congresses, business forums, seminars and conferences to concerts by Russian and world stars, festivals, performances, corporate events etc. Crocus City Hall is equipped with modern acoustic equipment providing pure, natural and articulate sound of speech and music that cover all audience seating.
Crocus City Hall is a unique arena, located in the area of Crocus City in Moscow, Russia intended not only for 6178 seats, but with the capacity to transform into a small hall of 2173 seats (the stalls and amphitheater) as well as transforming part of the stalls (with an area of 576 sq m) into a dance floor or an array of tables (for corporate events, dinners, receptions and parties).
The total area of the hi-tech stage is 712 sq m. The area of the lifting orchestra pit is 73 sq m. Latest mechanical, audio and lighting equipment as well as engineering systems by leading global manufacturers ensure Crocus City Hall can guarantee the highest professionalism for holding any event. The arena is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless 8 language simultaneous translation equipment.
The stage of the arena is equipped with a modern stage-manager’s console, enabling Crocus City Hall to hold complex events to world class standards. There is also an advanced directors’ communication system making it possible to conduct rehearsals and events efficiently and professionally. The arena is equipped with a closed circuit television system designed for off-the-air broadcasting of events, on and off-stage technological processes as well as processes in the auditorium and in the spectators' areas out of the auditorium.
The arena is fitted with a semi-portable television system which enables the maintenance of line commutation by television companies using traditional methods of connectivity. There is also a convenient loading bay providing quick and easy delivery of scenery, concert and scenic equipment for the stage and auditorium.
The interior of Crocus City Hall is fashionable, and luxurious cherry red chairs finished with natural wood, provide an excellent view and fabulous acoustics. The interior finish of the arena is made by the leading German contractor, specializing in concert venues. The hallmark of this installation is that materials have good sound absorption properties, are environmentally friendly, aesthetically coordinated and fireproof.
The undulated form of the auditorium ceiling promotes ideal sound refraction and special floor coverings provide high ergonomic properties with good acoustic characteristics. They are manufactured in environmentally friendly methods and are antiallergenic. The interior of the foyer is executed in a modernist style with hi-tech elements. Materials such as glass, tic, and stainless steel (escalators, ladders) are used. Columns from stainless steel in the shape of cylinders are timbered.
Bars are located in the foyer of Crocus City Hall, where a comprehensive range of drinks, confectionery products and snacks are offered. In the ground foyer of the arena a cloakroom (6500 places) and a large-size items office are located. For unrivalled spectator convenience, twice the standard recommendation water-closets are provided on three floors.
The venue is fully equipped for visitors with disabilities:
lifts, ramps, specially equipped toilets and also special areas in the auditorium for wheelchairs in amphitheater are provided.
Crocus City Hall has three-level parking: underground, ground level and roof parking for 6000 spaces. Spectators have access to the venue both from the main entrance, and from the levels of underground and roof parking. All three entrances are fitted with wide metal detectors to offer safe and efficient ingress and exit from the venue.
Crocus City Hall is the quintessence of an ideal arena.
Everything for any public event, concert and show at highest professional level is provided.
Whatever your requirements are, our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to ensure that your event is a success.
TUNE IN on November 9th to watch the 2013 MISS UNIVERSE® Competition LIVE from Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

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