September 19, 2013

23rd September Beauty with a Purpose Day

On the 23rd of September we will be having the ‘Beauty with a Purpose Day’, a whole day celebrating the achievements across the planet of everybody involved in ‘Beauty with a Purpose’.  From this year’s contestant’s individual projects, to the major projects undertaken by the Miss World Organisation as a whole.
On this day the contestants will be given the chance to speak to the press and to utilize their social media outlets to explain the projects that they have been working on, how they got involved, what they have achieved and why they chose their specific causes. You can see their initial presentations on their individual pages right here @, with further details to come on the 23rd of September.
The day will culminate with a live broadcast including Miss World Chairman Julia Morley, having a look at some of the major Beauty with Purpose initiatives that have been taking place all over the world over the past 12 months, and a look forward to future endeavours.

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