September 18, 2013

A Year in the life of Miss World

On the 18th of August 2012 a new Miss World was crowned, Wenxia Yu of China PR. For the past 393 days, Wenxia has travelled the globe as Miss World, setting foot on every continent but Antartica. During her time she has met Heads of State, paid her respects to monarchs, and even been granted the freedom of a city. The Miss World Crown is also a symbol of hope and charity, and Wenxia has travelled the World as an ambassador for Beauty with a Purpose, The Miss World Charity. Today we have a look back at Wenxia Yu’s Year as Miss World 2012, and speak to her about the experience.

Since being crowned as Miss World, Wenxia has travelled to over 20 countries. Her first trip abroad was back to Miss World Headquarters in London ahead of her homecoming, back to the nation in which she was crowned, China PR. Her first appearance as Miss World, Wenxia toured the provinces of Guanzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, meeting the world’s press, and being reunited with her family and friends.
In the coming months, Wenxia was invited to several of the World’s leading fashion events, including the Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks. In between, Wenxia was invited by HRH Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela on behalf of the Royal House of Mandela & Mvezo Traditional Council to attend the National Heritage day celebrations at the Mandela Residence in Qunu & Mvezo. This great honour was one of many that Miss World was bestowed with during her reign.
Miss World @ Fashion Week, Miss World with the Editor of Vogue, China
Wenxia travelled back to China many times during the rest of the year, switching on the Christmas lights at the flagship Beijing Hilton Hotel, and also meeting renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, lending her presence to help raise funds for environmental projects in the local area, including school recycling programmes and anti-shark fining campaigns.

Miss World & Jane Goodall - Beijing China PR.

The New Year brought fresh challenges to Wenxia. Her spring tour took her to Australia, where she took part in the Variety Scholarship awards, an evening celebrating the achievements and furthering the dreams of children who show true potential despite their challenging lives. Miss World had a chance to meet some of these inspirational young people, and helped to present the scholarships awarded to 28 children to the value of $88,000. She also met Jumbuck the Koala Bear, and was a special guest on the hugely popular Nathan, Nat & Shawn Breakfast show on Nova 93.7fm radio.
Miss World in Beijing - Roots & Shoots Foundation
The vast nation of India also played host to Miss World in January, where she took part in the Mumbai Marathon, attended the Glitzy Filmfare Awards, and visited the Muktangan School, the charity which Vanya Mishra (India 2012), winner of the 2012 Beauty with a Purpose Award,  worked tirelessly alongside in the run up to the Miss World 2012 Finals. Here she joined Mrs Morley in presenting a cheque on behalf of Beauty with a Purpose, to further the reach of the Muktangan programme.
In February, Miss World was invited to the Philippines. Granted the ‘Freedom of the City’ of Manila, both Julia Morley & Wenxia Yu were bestowed with this honour for the continued efforts of the Miss World Organisation in aiding and supporting key Filipino Institutes, and the worldwide ambassadorial role that it plays in fostering understanding and cohesion between nations.
Miss World with the Miss World Philippines Organisation & receiving the key to the city of Manila
In Thailand, Wenxia had the great honour of meeting the Prime Minister of Thailand, her Excellency Yingluck Shinawatra. The meeting highlighted the importance of the MWO visit to Thailand, both as a diplomatic venture and also to discuss possible avenues of support through the Beauty with a Purpose Charity. 
Miss World meets the Prime Minister of Thailand - Yingluck Shinawatra
Throughout her time as Miss World, Wenxia witnessed the crowning of 2013’s hopefuls from Turkey, Russia, Brazil, India, and Ghana, and In Thailand she helped launch the start of their competition.

Miss World @ Russia Final 2013 & Brazil Final 2013
The USA hosted Miss World several times over the year, in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Des Moines. Taking part in the long running Variety Telethon in Iowa, a clutch of Charity galas and events, and a bit of sightseeing on the way.
Miss World @ the 2012 Variety Telethon, Iowa, USA
It was in Haiti though, where Miss World saw the direst of situations. Beauty with a Purpose has committed itself to making a difference in this ravaged country. Seeing the suffering for herself, Wenxia and the Miss World Organisation has made great efforts to raise awareness and funds for the people of Haiti, and have been successful in raising thousands of dollars, with the hope to raise much, much more. Her time spent in Haiti and subsequent actions will go a long way to bring about a positive influence upon the lives of many.
Miss World in Haiti
Many other nations played host to Miss World over the year, including Hungary, where she visited a local orphanage and Ghana, where she oversaw a variety of Beauty with a Purpose initiatives, and now Indonesia, where she has had a chance to meet all of this year’s contestants, one of whom she will crown as Miss World 2013.
Her time as Miss World has taken Wenxia to places she would never had imagined, and throughout it she has worn a smile on her face, and carried the true spirit of Miss World in her heart with every step.

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