September 6, 2013

Day 2 of Miss World Auditions

Its day two of the major arrivals here in Indonesia and we have 116 contestants equaling our record number of contestants, with plenty more still to arrive over the next 24 hours! By tonight the record will be well and truly smashed!
With the contestants getting into the rhythm of life at Miss World 2013, today we started the auditions for the Talent and for the Dances of the World.
With a huge array of talents put forward by this year’s contestants it is no easy task for the judges to whittle them down to a select few for the final. Luckily today they can simply enjoy the performances on offer.
In the second audition chamber, all the colours of the rainbow were on display as the Dances of the World were showcased for our choreographers, whose task it is to blend the huge variety of cultural performances together to create one of the most popular parts of the Miss World Final.
We caught up with Canada & Malaysia who told us a little bit about their costumes and what they represent.
Speaking to Camille Munro of Canada, she said
“I am doing a traditional first nations jingle dance. My dress is a jingle dress and it signifies healing. Both the dress and the dance signify this.
“It is very colourful, it has a combination of beading and cones with the cones on the dress moving to the beat of the drum.
It is a traditional dance, originally performed because a girl from a tribe was very sick. The elders told her that if they dressed her in this costume and performed the dance then she was healed!”
Her dress was made locally in her hometown of Saskatchewan.
Malaysia’s Melinder Bhullar wore a “Wings of Gold” costume.
She explains that “We believe in spreading our rich culture and history, to share it with the world. This dress encompasses the ‘One Malaysian’ concept, bringing together many aspects of malay culture. The cut of the dress and lace work represents China, there are Indian accessories, and of course we feature indigenous Malaysia Culture the head gear, with the star and the moon, which you can see on our nations flag, and the dress features hand sewn ‘Kain Songket’ feathers of the horn bill, one of our birds found in the east of Malaysia.”
We asked Malaysia about her experience of Miss World so far, and she responded that “I arrived yesterday on the 3rd at 7pm. So far it is amazing! Meeting people from all over the world! I’m here for a reason: to make a difference by sharing my culture with the world. Being able to do so with the world is prestigious, and I feel very privileged.”
Canada said “I don’t know of any other organization that gives you such an amazing opportunity. It’s humbling. I’m so happy that I was chosen to be here to represent Canada and I’m looking forward to all of the challenges. They will be challenges and obstacles and victories that we will all share together.”

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