September 18, 2013

Interview with Miss World 2012 Wenxia Yu

We caught up with reigning Miss World Wenxia Yu to talk about her experiences as Miss World. Here you can watch what she had to say, and read the full interview below!

So Wenxia, Your year as Miss World is nearly up, in fact it has been slightly longer than a year for you! How do you feel now that it is nearly time for you to pass on the crown?

Yes my reign is longer than that of the previous winners. However, I think this comes in the package of being a Miss World. From the moment of winning the title until the next final, no matter whether it takes one year or over a year, my reign is officially over when I pass on the crown to the new Miss World. To be honest, it is a bit difficult for me to let go of the crown however even after I’ve passed it on, it doesn’t mean that I am not a Miss World any more. In the future, I will continue working hard, doing what a Miss World is supposed to do, sending out the positivity to the world and giving the world more beauty with a purpose.

You have been to many countries, met many people and spread much happiness around the globe. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the highlights of the year for you?

I think every one of the visits and countries during my Miss World year is memorable. I still remember the award gala that I went with Mrs. Morley in Perth, which is to benefit the local children with disabilities. I was presenting awards at the gala, during which the children brought us the performances and each one of them is outstanding. There was one child’s performance that  amazed me. That was a teenage girl who cannot see. Even though she cannot see, she still presented us a very beautiful singing and piano-playing performance. The melody was so stunning that I was touched. She has even given me more energy. From this experience I learnt that even as Miss World, I still have to learn from others and absorb the positive energy and pass on the posivity to the rest of the world. These are all the most precious and important things I’ve learnt during this year.

Which has been your absolute favourite moment as Miss World?

My favourite moment is when I am with the children and singing to them. The kids in almost every one of the schools and hospitals saw Miss World in real life for the very first time. They probably have met her in their dreams, however the satisfaction and happiness on their faces when playing with them just made my heart sing. Being a Miss World means bringing happiness and smiles to people when working on charity and social causes.

Has your year as Miss World been as you expected it to be like?

I didn’t know what to expect, as what I saw from the previous winners is only the very surface. However, after becoming Miss World, I’ve learnt to adjust to the new working and living environment and realised how much more I have to learn. I have much more responsiblities coming from this job. Actually when I look back now, this has been the year that I grew up the fastest because I’ve been through so much. All of these projects are relevant to our charity projects, being it the visit to Haiti or  fundraising in Iowa in the United States. I always try my best when it comes to Miss World assignments. I hope I have helped those lovely children among our projects.

Looking back on the year, which person stands out for you as the most inspirational that you met on your travels?

I think it will be Mrs. Morley. Not only because I’ve spent the most time with her during this year and we have had more understanding of each other. She teaches me English, corrects my pronounciation like a mother. However, during work I’ve seen her amazing adaptibility and serious dedication, all of which has inspired me a lot. She will explain everything to me very carefully and patiently, like a teacher. All those suggestions are so important to me.

What does the future hold for you after the 28th of September, when you will pass on the title to this year’s winner?

Although my Miss World year is approaching the end, I do believe that it will be the start of a new journey. Since my parents do not have income, I will return home to find a job that suits me and improve my parents’ life as a daughter is supposed to. Meanwhile, I will further my study in singing. This is what I have in mind right now.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice the minute after you were crowned Miss World, what would it be?。

That I should enjoy the moment and try to remember as much detail as possible. Probably because I was too nervous at the time, my brain was a bit empty.

What advice do you have for this year’s contestants vying for the title Miss World 2013?

During the final, appreciate every day that you have to spend with others and do not stress out. Enjoy the family atmosphere because you can be the best of you when you are most natural and relaxed.

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