September 2, 2013

Jordan Krinke of California Crowned Miss National Sweetheart 2013

Jordan Krinke, National Sweetheart California, was crowned Miss National Sweetheart 2013 at the conclusion of the pageant held on September 1st, 2013 at the Hoopeston Civic Center in Hoopeston, Illinois.
Jordan Krinke of California Crowned Miss National Sweetheart 2013
Jordan Krinke of California was crowned Miss National Sweetheart 2013
Her court includes the first runner-up National Sweetheart Massachusetts – Meagan Fuller, the second runner-up National Sweetheart South Carolina – Lauren Cabaniss, the third runner-up National Sweetheart Louisiana – Julianne Tippen and the fourth runner-up – National Sweetheart Virginia Victoria Maiden.
Jordan was the third runner-up to Crystal Lee in Miss California Scholarship 2013 pageant, representing Central Coast. She was Miss California’s Outstanding Teen 2007.
An avid dancer and Incipio fan, Jordan is working for McDonald and Selznick Associates (MSA) in their commercial dance division.
“It is a really fun industry to be in, although it is competitive, I find it enthralling. I just finished working on the hit TV show, GLEE under the choreographic direction of Brooke Liption and Zach Woodlee, and Bunheads, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks. Additionally, I just worked on a project for the Mattel Toy Company as Barbie with Teresa Espinso and Meisha Lee. Lastly, I had the absolute privilege to work on an international Skechers Shoe commercial choreographed by Mandy Moore. I am always to grateful to work with such amazing, inspirational, diversified choreographers. They really inspire me, and it is quite a humbling experience. So right now, I audition about 2-3 times at the least a week for commercial dance jobs, and I absolutely love it,” Jordan told about her job in an interview with
Top 5:
- Massachusetts: Meagan Fuller
- Louisiana: Julianne Tippen
- California: Jordan Krinke
- South Carolina: Lauren Cabaniss
- Virginia: Victoria Maiden
Miss National Sweetheart is a United States beauty pageant created in 1941 where runners-up from the Miss America state pageants are invited to Hoopeston, Illinois to compete for the title of Miss National Sweetheart.
The event, which has no official ties to the Miss America Organization, is sponsored by the Hoopeston Jaycees and is held on Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the town’s Sweetcorn Festival. The judges for this event are from the Miss America Systems and the girls compete in swimsuit, evening gowns, and talent.
Most contestants placed first runner-up in their state pageant, however second and other runners-up are invited if the first runner-up chooses not to attend. The winner of the National Sweetheart title receives a $1000 scholarship and a pendant shaped like an ear of corn.
Winning this title does not guarantee that a contestant will win a Miss America state title, but since 1980, five Miss National Sweetheart winners have gone on to win both their state and the Miss America title.[2] A few have won state titles in different states from those they represented at National Sweetheart.
Last year’s winner Desiree Williams later won Miss Virginia 2013 and will compete in the upcoming Miss America 2014 in Atlantic City this September 15th.
Nine contestants from National Sweetheart Pageant have become Miss America. Pam Eldred, Miss America 1970; Rebecca King, Miss America 1974; Grace E. Ward, Miss America 1982; Debrah L. Turner, Miss America 1990; Carolyn Sapp, Miss America 1992; Leanza Cornett, Miss America 1993; Tara Dawn Holland, Miss America 1997, Katie Marie Harman, Miss America 2002, Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010.

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