September 2, 2013

Nicolle Velez Crowned Miss Earth United States 2013

Nicolle Velez, reigning Miss Earth Empire State, was crowned Miss Earth United States 2013 at the conclusion of the pageant held on September 1st, 2013 at the Ohana Waikiki Malia in Waikiki, Hawaii. She will represent the United States in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant.
Nicolle Velez Miss Earth United States 2013
Nicolle Velez was crowned Miss Earth United States 2013
Miss Earth United States 2013 Nicolle Velez
Miss Earth United States 2013 Nicolle Velez. She will compete in the Miss Earth 2013 pageant
Nicolle Velez is no new to beauty pageants. She competed in Miss New York 2013 but did not place. She was Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International 2013 and competed in the national finals of the Miss U.S. International 2013 pageant held in Orlando, Florida.
Nicolle Velez, Miss Earth United States 2013
Nicolle Velez was a former Miss New York USA 2013 contestant
Lucie Poehere Wilson, Miss Earth Hawaii 2013, was crowned US Earth Miss Fire 2013.
National delegates compete in 5 equally weighted areas of competition. The judges will use a scoring method awarding each delegate a score from 0- 10. The highest and lowest scores will be discarded and remaining scores will be totaled. The delegate with the highest number of points will be crowned Miss Earth United States. In addition, the next 4 highest scoring delegates will be awarded elemental titles of US Miss Air, Water, Fire and Eco. Elemental winners are not considered runner-ups, rather each of them are on equal weighting.
Miss Earth United States is conducted by Earth Pageants Productions to select the United States representative to Miss Earth. Miss Earth United States 2012 is Siria Bojorquez from Texas. Maddison Boucher from Tennessee, is Miss Teen Earth United States 2012.
The United States delegates in Miss Earth from 2001–2005 were selected by the Ms. America International pageant. In 2006, Earth Pageant Productions acquired the rights to conduct the national competition for the United States and to select a national winner to participate in the Miss Earth pageant. Thus, the United States Earth pageants were established to conduct the annual Miss Earth United States pageant.
Earth Pageant Productions LLC also has the franchises to send USA’s representatives to Miss Grand International and Miss United Continent pageants.

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