September 26, 2013

The Miss World Team - Presenters

Yesterday we spoke to two members of this year’s presenting team. Jennifer Reoch has been in front of the camera for our series of exclusive Miss World 2013 videos, and Kamal Ibrahim will be on stage presenting the Miss World 2013 Final this Saturday.

Hi Guys! How are you finding life in Bali?

Jennifer Reoch: This is my first time in Bali and I’m loving it! it’s a bit of a tropical paradise, and the people have been very welcoming. It is a lovely experience so far.
Kamal Ibrahim: It’s also my first time coming to Bali. I was expecting the sun and the sand and the beautiful atmosphere, but I too have been blown away by how amazing the people have been and how welcome they make you feel. I feel humbled by it.

Jennifer, the last that a lot of us have seen from you was at Miss World 2011, when you entered as the representative for Scotland. What have you been up to since then?

JR: I’ve always had a desire to work in the media. I’ve been working on the Miss Scotland production in the past few years, and it has been a great opportunity to learn and get some great contacts, so I have been working on my presenting and building up a strong CV both in presenting and production. I’ve worked as a researcher and a runner as well as a presenter, trying to get a good feel and learn as much as I can. To be here is a fantastic opportunity to hone my presenting skills and work with a fantastic crew and team of people.

Kamal, you presented Mr World last year. How have you been getting on in the past year?

KI: Presenting Mr World with Myleene Klass last year for me was an incredible learning experience. It was the biggest events I had done and I really benefitted from it. I have since joined the National Lottery presenting team in Ireland, live twice a week. I’ve made a documentary and I am in the process of the second one.  I’ll also be staring as Aladdin in Pantomime this Christmas!. The Miss World final on Saturday will be the highlight of my year though ,and working with Myleene again is something I’m looking forward to.

Jennifer, How does it feel to be back at Miss World, but this time on the other side of things?

JR: It’s nice to be on the outside looking in. I think Miss World is a once in a life experience when you are a contestant, you feel really involved with everyone. I know what they are going through and I know how hard it is. It’s nice to come back to something you have been a part of before and feel you have furthered your career since. Two years ago I would have looked at someone in my current role and been a bit intimidated, and now I’m doing it so it’s pretty cool!

What’s your favourite moment so far since arriving in Bali?

KI: Mine has to be the night of the Talent Final. The show was simply amazing, it was great for me also to be up there on stage, and then we all went for dinner with the contestants at an amazing restaurant in Kuta. Great food, sitting by the pool, amazing music, and some of the girls even got up to sing! The perfect end to a great day.
JR:  For me it has to be when we got up at 5:30am to release the baby turtles. I am not a morning person, but the sunrise was unbelievable. We have seen some beautiful sunsets, but the sunrise... there was something special about it. And then the whole turtle releasing experience was magical. It was such a special experience, I will treasure it forever. You don’t get much better than that.

Have you enjoyed the local culture? What have you learnt?

KI: ‘Maki Maki’! I think that means crazy. That’s a good one.
JR: We have seen a lot of shows. The Kecak dancers, the national costumes, they are all so colourful and dazzling; very, very, impressive. So different to the traditional British outfits! I love a good kilt, but these are something else!
KI: The food too has been beautiful. Every meal has been perfect and the local cuisine is very tasty.

What can we look forward to in the future?

KR I’m taking everything one step at a time. I have several projects I’m working with at the moment, and working on the Miss World 2013 Final will only help me raise my profile further. Dream job?   I’d love to be hosting the X Factor someday!
JR: Dermot O’Leary watch out!

And you Jennifer?

JR: I will continue to build on my presenting skills. I have gained so much experience so far here in Bali, so hopefully that would put me in good stead for more work in the future. Also, to continue to learn more about production, and just to continue to enjoy myself! I’ve been so lucky with the opportunities I have been given. So I will continue to working hard and take every opportunities that comes my way.

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