September 18, 2013

Today @ Miss World 17th September

Early this morning as you may already be aware, we had the official announcements of the talent finalists!
12 contestants will be taking part in the Live Talent Final, taking place this coming Sunday, 22nd September!
We will be seeing FIVE singers performing
- Australia, British Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Ukraine, Wales.
WE also have THREE very talented Musicians
Trinidad & Tobago will be showing off her steel drum skills.
Slovakia will perform a piece with her violin
...And Cameroon will be showcasing her African Drumming talents!
The FOUR dancers were straight into practice after todays announcements too, getting themselves ready for the big show on Sunday.
Hong Kong China
All of the contestants have rehearsals on the cards today, together with the completion of the indepth interviews with the judges that have been taking place over the past few days. With several more exciting trips planned over the coming 12 days, the contestants must fill every spare second with rehearsals to give the best they can on the final night on the 28th!

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