October 22, 2013

Miss World in the USA!

Reigning Miss World is on her way to the United States of America this morning to spend the week in New York & Los Angeles.

Miss World Megan Young will land in New York on Monday afternoon, where she will be taking in the sights and taking part in a series of interviews and appearances. Joined by Miss World Chairman Julia Morley, Megan will also be attending the Variety, The Children’s Charity Mid-Winter meeting in Los Angeles later this week.
This will be Miss World’s first trip since her homecoming earlier this month. In two weeks, Miss World will make her first trip to Haiti. Joined by Julia Morley, Mr World Francisco Escobar and other members of a delegation, the group will be travelling to the town of Pestel to oversee the continuing work funded by money raised through Beauty with a Purpose.
Missworld.com will be speaking to Julia Morley next week for an update on how things are progressing in Haiti, and what this trip hopes to achieve.

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