December 24, 2013


Miss Bulgaria, Veneta Krasteva; Miss Myanmar, Moe Set Wine; Miss Israel, Titi Aynaw
Eighty-six gorgeous women from all over the world participated in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant held in Moscow, Russia. While Gabriela Isler representing Venezuela took back the coveted crown, some of the beauty queens left behind their own inspiring stories.

Miss Bulgaria 2013 Veneta Krasteva is a cancer survivor. At the age of 18 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Krasteva, now 20, showed exemplary courage for a young girl, and that paved her way to winning the Miss Bulgaria Universe title. The cancer, she said, was detected early as she would go to the gynecologist for regular checkups. Two years of aggressive treatment required her to drop out of college, but she emerged victorious in her battle against cancer.

22 year old, Ethiopian-born Miss Israel Titi Yitayish Aynaw is an orphan who was raised by her aunt and lives with her grandmother. She was an officer in the Israeli army before she turned to modeling. Aynaw is the only famous beauty queen from her community, and has beaten a number of odds, including racial prejudices, to get there.

Moe Set Wine, 25, has become a pioneer of sorts as she became the first woman to represent Myanmar at Miss Universe in 53 years. Having studied at California Lutheran University, she found that most of her American friends didn't know much about Myanmar. At the Miss Universe pageant, Wine admitted that she felt unprepared as they had no prior experience to go by, she was hopeful that winning the crown would make Myanmar more significant on the world map.

The beautiful, ever-smiling faces would never reveal the struggles they may have gone through. While they may not have won the Miss Universe crown, they have still emerged victorious as strong-willed women who fought hard and achieved their dreams.

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