October 15, 2015


As we approach the Crystal Celebration of the most anticipated international, environmental and beauty event - 2015 MISS EARTH® Competition at Marx Halle in Vienna, several countries already started accepting or casting aspiring young women for national preliminaries and have settled on a date to crown their representatives that will be vying for the Ramona Haar crowns for the next edition. With more and more countries showing interest to the youngest of the Big 4 pageants, it looks like the legacy of Beauty and Responsibility continues on. For more information on the 2015 delegates, click here.

Before becoming a delegate, she first must pass the selection process of a recognized MISS EARTH® franchise holder in her country of citizenship and become a national pageant winner or appointed. The National Director can then relay all the information of the delegate to Carousel Productions Inc. - owner, organizer and producer of the MISS EARTH® Pageant, to receive her official entry.

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