October 2, 2015

Miss World is Engaged!

Reigning Miss World Rolene Strauss has announced that she is to get married!

Confirming the news on her Instagram page this morning, Rolene posted a picture of her left hand adorned with her engagement ring. Rolene is to marry D’Neil Strauss, her partner of 3 years, also from South Africa.
Speaking to us this morning, Rolene said “I am so happy that I get to live my dream as Miss World whilst celebrating love. I look forward to the next five months continuing my journey as Miss World, spreading the message of unity, freedom, and most importantly; LOVE.”
Miss World Chairman Julia Morley gave her support to Rolene saying "On behalf of all of us at the Miss World office, many congratulations and we wish you both all the happiness in the future. With love and best wishes from all of us at the Miss World Office. x"

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