October 2, 2015

New Miss USA Crown Unveiled and close-up

The sparkling sapphire- and ruby-encrusted new Miss USA crown was unveiled July 10 during a special ceremony at the River Center, surrounded by all 51 contestants, Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez and Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady.
In total, the crown, which was produced by DIC, bears 222 white sapphires, 340 blue sapphires, 112 rubies and 33 diamonds and comprises 280 grams of white gold. Thirty Bohemian crystals mimic the New York skyline, and stars represent the 51 contestants. All told, the crown has an estimated value of $200,000, according to a release.
"The stars are joined with a tiny chain saying that you are a United States, and all these states are joined in one state," said DIC vice president Petr Matejcek. "And there are 33 brilliant diamonds stressing the beauty of the women that this crown will (be worn by)."
New Miss USA Crown
"We would like to produce something unique to the United States to stress the uniqueness of the United States, and you are uniting different nations, different characters, different people, and you make it a very attractive place to live were more and more people would like to live," he continued.
The new crown replaces the one that both Brady and Sanchez wore. The outgoing crown was used from 2009 until 2014.
"It's routinely updated to go with the trends," said Miss Universe Organization press representative Jackie Shahinian in an interview about the crown in 2014. "You can look at the old pictures of former Miss USA winners and see the transitions from these big, tall crowns to little tiaras."
Besides the benefit of wearing the crown all year, the new Miss USA will also receive a salary and living expenses, and she'll get to share a luxury apartment in New York City. She'll travel constantly for appearances at various events and modeling and acting opportunities.
She'll also receive a smaller tiara as a keepsake once she passes on the crown to the next Miss USA.

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