November 2, 2015

Miss World 2015-Multimedia Award

This year will see THREE segments to the Multimedia Award, expanding the Challenge Event to encompass more forms of media than ever before, focusing on social media, national press and television skills!
Segments one and two will officially begin on Sunday 1st November, running up until the moment the contestants arrive in Sanya. With only 3 weeks left until the contestants arrive, we have shaken things up for this year’s competition, giving our hopefuls the chance to share their run up to the main event with the world via their social media channels and judging their ability to create their own media event!

Once the contestants arrive in Sanya, we will pick the best Multimedia performers to continue on to the final round which we will give more details on in Sanya!

We are also excited to announce that on Monday we will launch the new Miss World Website as we begin the final countdown to our arrival in Sanya!
The Miss World App will be relaunched the following week, which includes new features and the return of the Miss World People’s Choice Award, with voting only available via the App.

Check out the complete rundown of this year’s Multimedia Challenge below!

Miss World 2015 Multimedia Challenge Explained

This year’s Multimedia Challenge will consist of three segments:

Segment ONE – Social Media: ‘The Road to Miss World 2015’

Segment TWO – National Media: ‘Creating your own Media Event’

Segment THREE – To be revealed in Sanya!

Segment ONE - Social Media : ‘The Road to Miss World 2015’

1st November – 21st November

About the Segment
In today’s society, multimedia is part of every aspect of life. The rapid expansion of the internet has brought the world close together like never before, whilst social media like Twitter and Facebook has democratised information, putting you, the user, in control.
At Miss World we recognise the importance of social media and for 2015 we will reward the contestants who use social media to their advantage during the run up to the Miss World Finals.
What the judges are looking for: The judges are looking for the contestants who are able to use social media to create the most positive and engaging image of themselves and their preparations for Miss World.

Segment TWO – National Media: ‘Creating your own Media Event’

1st November – 21st November

About the Segment
Every contestant of Miss World is an ambassador for her nation. She carries the hopes and dreams of her country on her shoulders, but should also carry the strength and support of her nation too.
This year at Miss World, we want to expand the Multimedia Challenge to see how well the contestants can speak to their nation and gather the support of their people via an Official Press Release, created by the contestant, to create their own media event and get everyone back home behind them in the run up to Miss World.
What the judges are looking for: For this segment, the contestants will be asked to prepare a press release about the forthcoming Miss World Competition.
This release should be an exciting, eye catching, and full of personality with the intention of gathering as much interest in the nation’s candidate and their Miss World adventure as possible.

From Monday you will be able to follow the contestants social media on the Miss World Website, or look them up on Facebook (Miss World – Country) and Twitter (username is contestant name!), to follow their journey to Miss World 2015!

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