December 17, 2015

Catching up with Miss World 2013 Megan Young!

As we are only 2 days away from crowning the new Miss World, we catch up with Megan Young of the Philippines, or as the world has come to know her, Miss World 2013, and one of the hosts of Miss World 2015!
How has your life changed since Miss World?
After being crowned Miss World, I went back to doing television and movies in the Philippines, as well as hosting which is a big passion of mine. I am hosting Miss World again too this year which is super exciting!
On that note, are you to be hosting Miss World for the second consecutive year?
It really is an honour hosting Miss World for 2 years in a row. Not every Miss World gets a chance to do this so I think it is a great opportunity that Julia Morley has given to me and entrusted me with. I absolutely love the competition, it amazes me how every year is so different. From what I’ve seen, this year’s production is going to be the best yet.
Megan presenting Miss World 2014 with Tim Vincent.
As you say, not every Miss World gets the chance to host. Why do you think that they have chosen you?
I definitely think it has to do with my background in hosting. I first hosted Mister World, which I think was a great trial run to see if I could host Miss World, and luckily it went very well, which is why I have been chosen to host in Sanya! I hosted Miss World in 2014, when I passed my crown to Rolene, and it was such a memorable experience because instead of sitting in the audience, I got to be a part of the show again and relive all of the excitement of being crowned in my year.Megan appeared in hit series Marimar this year in the Philippines
What are your tips for hosting a big show?
The first tip would be it’s okay to be nervous. It is perfectly normal and it means that you’re excited. I think nerves give you good energy if you use it well. Another tip would be to enjoy being up there on the stage. It might be a serious show but there is no harm in having fun with what you are doing. My last tip would be to memorize your script well. Hosting Miss World, you have to know your countries and how to pronounce them, as well as names of the contestants, so I definitely suggest knowing how to say what you are saying before you say it.
This will be the second time you have performed hosting duties alongside Tim Vincent, how do you feel about teaming up again?
I adore Tim and I am so happy to be hosting with him again. Last year, during the times I thought I was going to fumble, Tim actually saved me. He is a total professional and he is proof that a great host isn’t just about speaking or enunciating well, but someone that can also support their co-hosts and make them feel comfortable on stage.

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