December 28, 2015

Philippines is the Country of the Year 2015

It is no surprise that once again the Philippines is the Country of the Year in Grand Slam pageantry. In what could be called a “golden decade” for pageant-enthusiast Philippines, from 2010 on this southeast Asian nation has conquered 4 Grand Slam titles (Miss Supranational 2013, Miss World 2013, Miss International 2013 and now Miss Universe 2015), in addition to endless finalists, semi-finalists and special awards winners.
In 2015, the Philippines was the only country to have placed in all 5 Grand Slam events. Its best result, of course, was the so dreamed Miss Universe title, which came surrounded by controversy (and publicity!) after Miss Colombia had been mistakenly announced as the winner and the title had to be switched on live television, after the presenter confessed his confusion (and serious mistake).
But it was not all: Philippines had the 3rd runner-up in Miss Grand, semi-finalists in Miss World and Miss International, and a Miss Supranational quarter-finalist.
But where does such amazing performance comes from? A perfect and exotic ethnical blend, fervorous and fanatic fans and great preparation, certainly help. But there is something else that could explain it: competition. Yes, after a new organization took over the Miss World license in the Philippines, its candidates, in all Grand Slam contests, started performing considerably better.
 The new organizers needed to show results (and they certainly have achieved it), while the traditional Binibining Pilipinas organization, which holds the other 4 Grand Slam licenses in the country, could not stay behind and pushed itself hard improve.
Look back and compare what we see today and the Filipino results in the last decade (not a single Miss Philippines placed in Miss Universe from 2000 to 2009. In Miss World results appeared only when popular voting influenced them).
The whole nation gained from it and Philippines is now more of a powerhouse than it had ever been before. It shows that having different organizations promoting Miss World and Miss Universe heats, might really pay off for some countries.
Being on top in such a competitive year though, was not that easy for the Philippines. Australia had an amazing line-up of beauties, and even without conquering any titles (it came very close in Miss Grand, where it placed 2nd), it placed 2nd overall, having placed in 4 of the 5 competitions, with 2 finalists.
Spain made history by bagging its first Miss World crown and ranked 3rd, tied with the always successful Venezuela and its superb Miss International winner.
Rounding out the Top 5 in 5th place is Colombia, with a vice-Miss Universe and a 3rd place in Miss Supranational. Its World and Grand representatives were both stunning, but surprisingly failed to advance to the 2nd round of competition.
Other nations in the Top 10 of 2015 were United States, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Mexico and France tied of Paraguay (we actually have a Top 11).
Kenya, Africa’s Country of 2015, made history with the first black African woman to be a finalist in Miss International’s 55 years of existence. Kenya also had a quarter-finalist in Miss Supranational.

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