October 31, 2016

Halloween Costume’s That Are Already In Your Closet

Affordable, last minute costumes that requires minimal effort.
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Halloween weekend has approached us quickly, and many are still trying to think of clever costumes to wear. Well think no more! We came up with our favorite, easy costumes that you can find at home.
Flannel Shirt
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Instagram: @Its_Ashleyh
To create this look, throw on a pair of old jeans, tease your hair, find your comfiest flannel shirt and WALAH, you’re a scarecrow. To spice up your look, use some eyeliner to add scarecrow-like markings on your face. You also can’t go wrong with a pop of color on the lip.
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Too busy to buy werewolf ears? No problem! Try wearing your hair half up, half down. By splitting the top section in two, you can make two buns and pin them to your head. You’ll need some black eyeliner and brown eye shadow to create the wolf-like makeup.

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