October 25, 2016

Miss Bumbum sparks controversy after recreation of iconic religious painting 'The Last Supper'

Brazil's 6th Annual Miss Bumbum beauty pageant stole the spotlight Monday morning for all the wrong reasons.
The competition is facing severe scrutiny after they had eight of their contestants pose for a recreation of the iconic religious painting "The Last Supper." The "sexiest" contestant posed in the center of the table, like Jesus did in the original painting by Leonardo da Vinci, and the other contestants surround her with their backsides on full display.
Religious leaders in Brazil are furious with the remake, according to reports. The International Business Times reports that Brazilian religious leaders called the it "deeply disrespectful" and said it "caused a great offence to Catholics."

Miss Bumbum founder Cacau Oliver stood by the image saying it was "not offensive to the church" and "never meant to shock anyone."
The Miss Bumbum competition is in its sixth year and 15 women will be vying for the crown of Brazil's best derriere. The champion will be crowned on Nov. 9 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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