October 25, 2016

Miss Intercontinental 2016 is Puerto Rico

Sri Lanka hosted this year´s edition of Miss Intercontinental, and the winner was Puerto Rico (Queen of North America), represented by Heilymar Rosario Velázquez. Heilymar competed in Miss Universe Puerto Rico and was the 2nd runner-up.
The home town girl, Sri Lanka´s Tracy Ann De Zilva, placed 2nd (Queen of Asia), second runner-up was Ghana´s Vera Safoah (Queen of Africa), third runner-up was Italy´s Floriana Russo (Europe), and in 5th place was Venezuela´s Amal Karina Nemer Erched (South America).
The contest did not pass without controversy: Jacqueline Aguilera, the former Miss World who is Venezuela´s national director, was one of the judges. Miss Venezuela ended up being the finalist from South America.
Miss Italy, on the other hand, could not get proper translation for her final answer. The “interpreter” was the national director of some Nordic countries, Mr. Peter Hadward, who could not translate the question to Italian.
The winner, at least, deserved her title.

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