October 31, 2016

Olympic beauty: Miss and Mr World visited Gangwon!

Miss World Mireia, Mr World Rohit and Miss World Korea Hyun Wang were honored to meet President & CEO of the Winter Olympic Games Hee-beom Lee earlier this month. 2018 will mark the first time for Korea to host the Winter Olympics. Previously, the summer Olympics were held in Seoul, South Korea, in 1988.
Hee-beom Lee gave a tour of the locations for different sports & luckily they were able to catch the Korean Skiing team practice their jumps on the massive slope.

The tour of the Winter Olympic Park was followed by a Miss World Korea Beauty With A Purpose Charity Lunch. The lunch included terrific entertainment from a young, talented Korean singer. A proportion of the money raised from this event went towards funding a music scholarship for this singer.
That evening Miss and Mr World attended a special dinner hosted by the South Korean Government’s Garden Club. The Garden Club is a long standing institution of the Korean Diplomatic Society that is connected with international communities. At this event, Miss World Chairman Julia Morley received an award for supporting children worldwide. Furthermore, the dinner was attended by the former Deputy Prime Minister of Korea, Park Chung-hee.

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